Product Launch: ResQ – Safety Charger

Automobile safety was always considered to be around structural safety, braking efficiency, transmission etc. Of late, there’s a new dimension to this – electrical lockdowns. Electrical failures (jamming of central locking, power windows etc.) can sometimes cause safety systems to break down, trapping the passengers inside the vehicle. In some unfortunate cases, getting trapped in a car has caused bodily harm to passengers.


Introducing this new multi-feature safety product – ResQ Safety Charger. This product serves has twin safety features: emergency window-breaking hammer, scissor-like seat-belt cutter while providing the utility of a charger. Portable and light weight, the product fits easily in the fist of an average person. Despite its small size, the product delivers powerful impact with its super hard Tungsten steel hammer tip. The seat belt cutter is designed ergonomically to ensure ease of use – cuts the belt with minimum human effort. And the bonus add-on of mobile charging comes loaded with features of top end chargers in the market – 2 USB ports, protections for over-current, over-voltage, over-charging, over-heating, short-circuit etc.

The product comes from Blackcat, which is known for new-age, top notch add-ons for cars & bikes – like tyre inflators, mobile chargers, reverse car parking cameras/ sensors etc. You can get your protection with ResQ at a car accessory store near you. Additionally, the product is available at online stores including,, and