Heavy duty digital tyre inflator – Hercules Digi

Blackcat has expanded its range of Tyre Inflators, with the launch of powerful, heavy duty air pump, aptly named Hercules Digi! This mean machines boast of inflating a fully deflated R15 tyre in an impressive 2 minutes, and comes with digital gauge and auto cut-off. Originally launched only at Amazon, this product has already featured among their top 100 automotive accessories.


Tyre inflators are fast becoming a necessity in cars – one can get back on the road in a matter of minutes. The device works seamlessly by simply plugging the tyre inflator into the cigarette lighter socket, provided in the car, and connecting air hose to the tyre. It is a true companion of emergency situations, wherein it is almost impossible to get a flat tyre changed, at odd hours. These inflators also help in regular tyre maintenance for safer driving and improved mileage.


Blackcat, celebrating its 25th year anniversary this year, now has the widest range of inflators, with basic models starting from Rs.995, and premium ones going up to Rs.3,250. They have also introduced ‘Heavy Duty 2-in-1’ model which is a vacuum cleaner cum tyre inflator. Thus one can use vacuum cleaner to keep the car cleaner and also use tyre inflator, as and when required.


The range is widely available at all major automobile dealerships, and online at Amazon, Flipkart and MyAutozone.in.